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Financial Accounting
Resident Billing
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
FRx Financial Reporter
Accounts Payable
Cash Manager
Customization Manager
Crystal Report Writer
Resident Trust

Clinical Records
Admissions and Discharges
Resident Information
Care Planning
Physician Orders
Incident Reporting
Report Generator
RUGS Scoring Options

Additional Software
& Services

Network Maintenance
Washable Garment Labels
Clinical And Accounting Consulting
Forms And Checks

Continuex Corporation has served the Long Term Care (LTC) industry since 1983 by providing financial and clinical software to this specialized market.  In August 2005, the employees of Continuex Corporation purchased 100% of the Corporation from its long-time owner, helping to ensure consistency for our customer base in a time where the larger vendors have been buying up smaller vendors and forcing change upon the purchased customer base.

Over the years, we have seen many changes mandated to our LTC customers by the government. Many of those changes are in the  IT (information technology) area and distract from your ability to focus on caring for residents.  Additionally, these changes have represented additional financial burden on your facility.  However, they have also provided additional raw information to help you better manage your business.  We realize that your primary focus is not data processing and that your software vendor becomes your partner in meeting regulatory needs and in processing raw information so that you can utilize it to better manage your facility.  Continuex Corporation fully understands the financial crisis that faces most LTC facilities these days and that any solutions we provide must be affordable and deliver full value for monies expended.  Continuex Corporation recognizes that financial stability of our customers is a key ingredient for their survival.   Continuex Corporation is committed to working with you to that end and to providing flexible solutions for your information processing needs.

The primary focus of Continuex Corporation has been Nursing Homes, although Continuex Corporation's products and services are well suited to other segments of the LTC market. The aging population is demanding more care and more alternatives of how that care is delivered. This continuing demand supports continued industry growth and diversification. Over the past 20 years, over 500 LTC facilities in 43 states have installed software products from Continuex Corporation and Continuex Corporation has worked hard to earn the trust of those customers.

Continuex Corporation's mission is to build success for it's customers by delivering a quality result every time, measurably and profitably.  Continuex Corporation's clinical software, COWORKER® for Windows®, Resident Billing and Dynamics SL accounting software, are quality software products designed to meet your information technology needs at a price that you can afford.

Continuex Corporation’s people will always maintain excellence in their craft and ownership of quality results because of their high integrity and on going commitment to do what ever it takes.  While our software products are what you first see, our quality people and the services they deliver are the best in the industry.  Our size allows us to get to know each of our customers and for those customers to know our people.  Your ability to work with the same people each and every time provides continuity, consistency, efficiency and comfort;  all key ingredients to having a trusting and valued business relationship.

We invite you to work with us to evaluate and understand your needs, goals, and objectives. Thank you for visiting our website and for considering Continuex Corporation.

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