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With your relatively high labor costs, management of receivables is critical to ensure that you have sufficient cash flow to handle the demands on cash that payroll and medical supplies make on your operation. The system is designed to handle multiple payers per resident with separate and detailed tracking of not only billings owed but also tracking of co-payment responsibilities and contractual adjustments.



Balance Forward or Open Item

Allows to handle individual payers accounts in either a balance forward or an open item format. Open items allows you to apply payments to individual invoices for better receivable tracking. Balance forward allows you to apply payments to the oldest balances first when remittance advices are not available.

Late Charge Generation

Allows you to optional apply late charges to past due balances.

Payment Application by Payer

Receivables focus is on the payer, not the resident. This allows you to manage receivables with the payer(s) responsible for payment. For example, if Medicaid is paying for 50 residents, you enter the payer as Medicaid and the system displays invoices posted against Medicaid (separate invoices per resident). Payment application is fast and simple since you do not have to first select each resident.

Convenient Payment Entry

You can choose to enter payments as part of a batch or as individual documents. Batches provide accounting control when processing multiple items while document entry saves time when typically handling single postings.

Sales Tax Generation

The system can optionally generate sales tax for selected items saving you time and providing accurate sales tax audit information.


Provides you the option of generating invoices and/or statements. Laser generated invoices and statements save money over pre-printed forms and provide professional looking output.

On-Demand Statements

Payer statements can be generated at any time allowing you to quickly obtain payments for situations outside your normal processing cycle.


The system allows you to retain receivable history for as long as desired providing you with quick and easy access to information when you need it.

Drill-Down Capabilities

Allows you easy access to supporting information so that research can be conducted on-line, in real time.


Key functions provide for optional entry of free form notes. Notes allow you to record important information related to an entry (such as collection information).

Point-of-Sale Foundation

Accounts Receivables has included the foundation to support Point of Sale transactions (future capability). Point of Sale transactions save time on data entry and help ensure accuracy.

General Ledger Interface Receivables activity is automatically reflected in your General Ledger saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

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