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COWORKER® for Windows® Clinical Records provides a care planning tool built upon the basic ingredients of a good care plan. However, because of the powerful tools available within the Windows environment, this system goes beyond the basic ingredients. This care planning software allows you to have unlimited problems, related-to's, exhibited-by's, goals, and interventions. It offers extended text for those items that would not fit within the confines of small typing area. This system provides for pre-defined protocols for certain situations. Through these protocols, you can easily manage residents who have certain identified problem areas. Easy access to historical care plan data including resolved dates helps you monitor the plan of care and helps reduce the time spent in care conference.



24 Hour Interim Care Plan

This powerful capability allows you to quickly generate a care plan and flowsheets for new admits based upon your facility's protocol for new admissions. This saves time and gets the ball rolling with the new resident in identifying his/her needs.

Comprehensive Care Plan

Easy entry of comprehensive care plan allows for unlimited problems, related-to's, exhibited-by's, goals, and interventions. It's easy to personalize the resident's plan of care. With expanded text, you can create a working care plan that really tells the resident's story. Add structure to the care plan by easily sequencing the problems, goals, and interventions to be in the desired order.

Create a Care Plan from facility-defined protocols

Does your facility have standard of care guidelines from given problems and diagnosis? If so, you can create a facility-defined protocol care plan library, then draw upon it as needed. The care plan module allows you create a care plan from this library and with the powerful "edit-on-the-fly" feature. You can use your library to personalize the resident's plan of care in one quick stroke. This not only saves you time, but ensures facility-accepted standards of care, and helps keep documentation consistent.

Create a Care Plan from the MDS

It's easy to tie the resident's care plan to the MDS. In one click of a mouse, simply create a care plan from the resident's current completed MDS. Then cross-reference the care plan with your facility-defined protocols, use the "edit-on-the-fly" feature, and a preliminary care plan is ready for your review. This saves time in care conference and helps ensure that the resident's care plan matches the MDS.

Multi-Discipline Flowsheets

Create resident flowsheets directly from the care plan. Simply indicate what discipline will be responsible for the intervention, and let the software do the rest.

Task-Specific Flowsheets

It's easy to set-up specific "task" flowsheets. If you want, special monitoring flowsheets for such things as Bowel Monitoring, Tray Monitoring, I&O, and Behavior Monitoring for psychotropic drugs is as easy as 1-2-3.

Access to Historical Information

On-line access to care plan history makes it easy to do a care plan review. Do you want to know when a problem was resolved, who resolved it, and why? With on-line access, this research is made simple. It eliminates time and discussion in care conference and helps you to track chronic and resolved problems. With a tie to the resident's diagnosis record, generating a problem/diagnosis report is just a keystroke away.

Quality-Assurance Reporting

Does your facility have a QA Team who reviews almost everything? With COWORKER® for Windows® Clinical Records Quality Assurance reporting is made easy. Quickly generate numerous lists such as goal review report, goals past due, residents with "like" problems and "like" interventions. Use these reports for trending and data analysis. These reports save time and many late nights.

Laser Quality Printing All reports are laser print-generated. They are easy to read and can be print previewed on-screen before printing. You can control charting lines and documentation needs through the uniquely designed flowsheet format.

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