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The General Ledger is the heart of the accounting system. Solomon IV® for Windows® Financial Accounting's General Ledger has the flexibility and power that you need to report on and to manage your financial information. Access to census for PPD figures and budget information lets you track revenues and expenses on a per patient basis with comparisons to your established budget. The powerful Financial Report Generator allows you to construct various financial statements to meet the needs of cost reports, departmental management, and formal financial position reporting.



Integrated with other accounting modules

Saves you time by not having to post activity from other modules. Ensures accuracy and provides you with up-to-date information needed to make informed decisions.

Integrated Budget module

Allows reporting capabilities that compare actual to budget.

Budget Processing

Integrated with popular spread sheet programs such as MS Excel. Allows you to use these powerful tools that have been designed specifically for entering, processing, and modifying information according to a defined set of rules.

Financial Reporting

Utilizes the powerful report generation tool FRx. This tool is easy to use, has the flexibility and power needed for complex financial reporting. It utilizes the power of Windows and laser printers to produce professionally formatted reports. Its unique row and column definition process allows you to share portions of report layouts between reports saving you time and eliminating inconsistencies when modifying your chart of accounts.

Multi-Company Support

Allows you to maintain information on multiple facilities or reporting entities. Provides consolidation capabilities to report on combinations of entities.

Flexible Chart of Accounts Definitions

10 digit account number provides the capacity to handle the complex charts required in Long Term Healthcare in order to report costs in accordance with various cost reports.

Optional Sub-Account Capability

Provides you with the option of simplifying your main account numbers by utilizing a sub-account structure to handle various break downs (such as certified and non-certified, Assisted Living, Retirement Center, etc.). Use of sub-accounts typically reduces your chart from 700-800 items to a more manageable 250-350 items. Sub-accounts also make it easier to design financial reports.

Allocation capabilities

Powerful method of automatically allocating various account activity to a set of accounts using defined allocation schemes. Using allocation schemes helps you to maintain consistent data handling.

Recurring Entry Processing

Flexible and powerful tools to help you manage recurring entries with features such as automatic generation and cycle cutoff. Saves you time and ensures accuracy and consistency.

Multiple Open Periods

Allows you to have multiple periods open at one time. This allows you to process current data while still needing to keep prior period(s) open for late processing.

User-Defined Detail Retention

Allows you to maintain posting details for as long as you would like giving you ready access to details when needed.

Flexible Setup Options

Supports both calendar and non-calendar fiscal years. Allows you to optionally have the system automatically assign such things as reference numbers.

Detail/Summary Posting Options

Allows you specify, on a module by module basis, whether detail or summary information is passed to the General Ledger. Summarized information results in easier to follow General Ledger reports.

Drill-Down Capabilities

Provides access to supporting information with just a simple mouse click. Allows you to easily track down all the activity details related to a particular account.

Integrity Checking

Thorough process that can be run to ensure that the database is complete. Helps you find problems that might have been introduced by system failures such as power outages.

Audit Reports Pre-defined and flexible reports that help you to audit the entire General Ledger or individual accounts. Streamlines effort and assists you in ensuring accurate postings.

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