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COWORKER® for Windows® Clinical Records brings the power of order processing in-house. This dynamic module offers order tracking by telephone or inter-agency. It's easy to group orders together by "order type" for quality assurance reporting. Monthly recap reports simplify the end of the month process. It easy to monitor expired orders that have not yet been DC'd, as well as updating orders for the new order cycle. With special note tracking, the physician can see what nursing protocols are being used to monitor the effectiveness of any given order. This helps track nursing interventions, and special monitoring needs of residents on various medications. This documentation can also help the facility determine the amount of nursing time that is needed for passing and monitoring medications. In these times of managed care contracts, it is good to know about your resident's needs and the man-hours it takes to provide care.



Comprehensive Physician Order Entry

Easy entry of comprehensive physician orders offers you a number of free-form fields for data collection. You can track order information by order type, order date, physician, order group, order text and monitoring notes. The entry screen is designed to make order entry fast yet complete.

Group Orders for Quality Assurance

Group orders together in "like" categories for order sequencing and for special monitoring needs. With "like" categories it's easy to monitor diabetic orders, psychotropic medications, special diet and lab orders, plus much more. Organize orders so that orders appear in the same location with each printing. Control order placement on the medication, treatment or lab sheets with category prioritization. With "like" categories, quality assurance reporting is quick and painless.

Nursing Notes

Nursing notes for special monitoring are available with every order. If your facility uses defined protocols for special monitoring, nursing notes gives you a place to have that protocols print with the order. Helps your staff help the resident.

Admission Order Library

Streamline the admission process by creating a pre-defined Admission Order library. Set-up a library of common orders and draw upon it when necessary. With "edit-on-the-fly" capability it's easy to streamline the admission process and personalize the order for the resident.

Automatic Link to Care Plans

Now you can easily link current medications and treatments to the resident's care plan. Eliminates redundant entry and order mistakes. Satisfy HCFA Ftag 272 by showing current daily orders on the resident's care plan.

Order Expiration Date Tracking

Extensive quality assurance reporting helps keep orders current and save time order review. Expired physician orders not yet DC'd helps you to easily identify those orders that need special review.

Historical Information

On-line access to a resident's physician orders history can save time and re-entry. It's easy to find out what antibiotic was given for a residents last UTI. History is kept on an admission and discharge basis, making on-line research simple.

Monthly Recap Reporting

Save time at end-of-month process with the extensive recap reporting. Easy identification of new orders, plus expired order tracking, eliminates additional nursing hours needed for review. Month-end becomes a breeze.

Automatic Flowsheets

Information-rich flowsheets minimize charting errors and provides critical information. If extra lines for noting resident's blood pressure or pulse are needed, it's easy to add them through the facility-defined charting requirements. With the help of the unique pre-programmed charting codes it's easy to "X-out" non-charting days.

Flexible Flowsheet Format with Laser Quality Printing Flowsheets can be tailored to fit your specific needs. All forms can be printed horizontally or vertically. You can control the content and sequence of the flowsheet.

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